Reopening of tourism in Roatan

Reopening of tourism in Roatan

After five months of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Roatan resumes its activities.

By Cossette Diaz

Roatan, Bay Islands. Roatan, a tourist jewel, began with the intelligent reopening, following the different security measures proposed by SINAGER (National Risk Management System) and receiving different tourists.
After several months of not receiving income from the tourism sector, taking into account that it is the main source of income for most of the inhabitants. The island was entering a very critical situation. "The pandemic has affected

us a lot, because we depend on tourism and in recent months we have had no income, we are out of work, and there has been no movement on the island," said a local from the island, who lives from the day to day of tourism.

In an interview with Dino Silvestri, governor of Roatan's island, he mentioned that it was decided to start with this reopening because, after 5 months without receiving income, the island's economic situation was very critical. "The island moves 60% of the tourism in Honduras, and with the entry of the Covid all this fell apart, in 2019 the island received more than 1.4 million visitors, a figure that in 2020 has dropped extremely, since the 16 of March they canceled all cruises and from that date to August 30 we have not received tourists, "he said.

The authorities of Roatan have used the strategy "trying to buy time" to face the Covid-19 virus since, during these 5 months of confinement, they have used them to prepare for the reopening. "At present, we have 4,000 rapid tests, a PCR machine for rapid tests and personal protective equipment, equipment that we did not have months ago," said the governor.

The locals on the island are relieved with this reopening, to speed up income again, are concerned about the high levels of contagions due to the virus. That is that the island already exceeds 400 positive cases of covid. "We are happy, but at the same time concerned with the reopening, due to the high levels of contagion on the island," said the owner of the Hotel Foster.

At present, 30% of the hotels in Roatan have tourists. Each hotel and town on the island must follow the different biosecurity measures to receive tourists; likewise, tourists who want to enter the island must follow the health protocol: the mandatory use of a mask and hand gel. For international tourists, these are the same measures plus a recent PCR test.

It is expected that for the next few months, tourism will be restored on the island of Roatan, adapting to this new normal. 



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Wednesday, 04 August 2021

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